Importance Of Libraries


Man’s quest for knowledge has resulted in creation and accumulation of libraries, schools, and colleges. In fact, the quest for knowledge does not know any limits and bounds, and it is never satisfied. It has been around since the dawn of civilization. The hard-earned information and knowledge are valuable for the whole mankind. Thus, you are liable to be preserved. Also, the invention of paper has made people to convey the same knowledge to others through writing books. Wise men of early have written numerous manuscripts times. Some of them got destroyed as a result of lack of knowledge and proper preservation of their means.

Establishment of libraries

Librarietg23edfc6hue7d8ju298i22s have been established purposely for the organization, collection, dissemination, and preservation of information and knowledge. It is necessary for man to maintain and preserve valuable information and knowledge that is contained in documents and books. This is because there is a need to preserve documents in a library. In this way, the same knowledge can be made available to others who can benefit from it.

You should note that setting up of libraries is never a new concept. In fact, the oldest library was built about 3000 years ago. This shows how long the concept of leaving a piece of wisdom behind resulted to an organized collection. Mental Floss ranked the top 11 libraries in Africa based on various factors including the number of books they have. Since they were founded in Des Moines, IA, they have been committed to spreading information about knowledge bases to everyone.

Printing press

With the invention of printing press, it is very easy to preserve knowledge in the form of printed documents. This resulted in the generation of a huge number of books. There is a need for dissemination and preservation of information that leads to the establishment of libraries. Therefore, libraries have acquired great importance in civilized societies for research and education. In fact, libraries play a crucial role in the development of any particular community by enhancing the cause of academic research and education. This is because they cater to information needs for millions of people.

Development of science and technology

As a retg23wed6cy23e7du28i2sult of this in the last three centuries has led to an explosion of information. In fact, rapid changes are taking place at a great pace. The main aim is to meet growing needs for library users. Services provided by libraries have undergone massive change.

The introduction of new technologies in the area of telecommunications and computers has had a huge impact on information science and library. Now the idea of traditional libraries with a huge number of printed books and documents is being transformed to the paperless libraries or electronic libraries that contain original documents but in digitized documents.